Estimated Delivery:
The orders which the buyer will put on saraswatibook will deliver on the working days excluding public holidays and Sundays. Estimated delivery time is dependent on the product’s availability (In stock) with the seller, and could vary from region. Usually, saraswatibook will dispatch the item through a standard courier service which will reach the buyer within 4-5 working days, but in some cases or remote areas, the parcels will dispatch through Registered Post by Indian Post which will reach the buyer within 7-8 working days.

Shipping Policy:
The shipping rates will vary with the cost & weight of the product, it will be reasonable and changes according to the time. saraswatibook decides the shipping rates and will be charged on each item placed on website. saraswatibook has all the rights to change shipping rates any time without any notice. Available Product will be shipped within 24 hours of the order placed.

Free shipping is available on orders over 599rs